Free Motorcycle Touring Routes

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Scotland UK – Midlands

Spain – North West – Navia

Spain – Picos de Europa

All of the motorcycle touring routes and day trips we share, we have ridden. It is an important point for us, as not every planned route is a success.

New Motorcycle Touring Routes

A loop from Hook of Holland riding all of the B500 is ready to go. A one-way route through France to Santander in Spain to meet the Ferry is another. There is still more of Scotland to discover; Wales is waiting and then there is the Five Nations Tour we have planned.

As soon as we have ridden them and polished out any “dents”, they will be loaded, here.

All of the motorcycle routes are provided “as is” without guarantee, liability or any assurance that you will enjoy them. All we can tell you is that we had an excellent time planning and then riding them, and if you have any advice for the next rider, please pass it on through the comments section.

Motorcycle Touring Routes

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What could possibly go wrong?

All the motorcycle touring routes are GPX 1.1 version files.

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