Free Motorcycle Touring Routes of Scotland

On this page, you will find our free motorcycle touring routes of Scotland. Without doubt some of the best motorcycling roads you will find in the UK.

The routes are provided “as is” without guarantee, liability or any assurance that you will enjoy them. All we can tell you is that we had an excellent time planning and then riding them.

Inside information is always an advantage, and if after riding any of the routes, you have something to share, the comments section is open.

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All the motorcycle touring routes are GPX 1.1 version files.

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The Tour of Scotland

Free motorcycle touring routes of Scotland

Four days touring Scotland, to ride some of the best motorcycling roads in the UK. The full route description can be found here.

Scotland Day 1 – Darlington to Edinburgh

Total distance: 128.58 mi
Download file: Darlington to Edinburgh.gpx

Scotland Day 2 – Through the Cairngorms

Total distance: 223.34 mi
Download file: Cairngorms.gpx

Scotland Day 3 – Inverness to Fort William

Total distance: 251.42 mi
Download file: Inverness Fort William.gpx

Scotland Day 4 – Fort William to Carlise

Total distance: 244.11 mi
Download file: Fort William Carlisle.gpx

Bonus Route – Carlisle to Harrogate

Total distance: 110.63 mi
Download file: Carlisle-Pennines-Bonus-Route.gpx

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