Product Testing Philosophy

Having made something new, the manufacturer needs to tell people about it. Mostly this is done through advertising but is also achieved by asking people to test and review their product.

When asked to test or review a product, we always ensure we know what is being asked of us.

If we’re asked to write beautiful things about a product in exchange for that product, then the answer will be “No, thank you”. Alternatively, if we’re asked for our opinion, then we are happy to help.

Being negative is easy, and is something we try not to be. If we have nothing positive to say, then we keep our views between ourselves and the manufacturer.

On the other hand, if we have seen something useful, had a good experience or simply appreciated some innovative thinking, why not pass the good news on?

That said, no product is perfect, and part of passing on good news may include what we think might improve the next generation of a product.

Where ever we are asked to review a product, we make sure that is clear in the text.