Free Motorcycle Touring Routes – Nine Day Geneva

On this page, you will find links to our free motorcycle touring routes for a nine-day ride across Italy, Croatia and Austria to name only three of the countries the route covers. The 2,000-mile loop starts and ends in Geneva, Switzerland, which presented the first problem – how do we get to Geneva?

The obvious way would be to cross the English Channel by ferry or use the Channel Tunnel and then ride the motorways. From Calais in France to the centre of Geneva is 480-miles. Allowing an additional 150-miles to get to Dover to catch the train or the ferry and we were looking at a 600-mile day, just to get to the interesting roads.

For me that is two days travel out and two days back. Yes, I could do it in a day each way, but I want to enjoy the journey, not just hang on the throttle watching the miles tick past, while I square off the rear tyre.

Motorcycle Touring - BikeShuttle logo

BikeShuttle is a specialist motorcycle transport service that offers a weekly bike transport service to Geneva and Toulouse, during the summer months.

It has been argued that using BikeShuttle defeats the objective of touring on a motorcycle, but for me, BikeShuttle buys me that most valuable of commodities, time.

Rather than two days on the motorway, I ride to the BikeShuttle assembly point near Luton, drop my bike and catch a plane to Geneva. Early the next morning, my motorcycle and all of my gear will be outside the hotel, and I can get to riding the interesting roads, rather than motorways. Geneva, done in one day.

It is the same process in reverse for the return journey. I arrive back at the hotel in the late afternoon, drop my bike and fly to Luton the next day. To make the whole journey seamless, BikeShuttle also offers transport to and from the airports.

However you choose to get to Geneva … enjoy the ride across Europe.

All of our motorcycle touring routes are provided “as is” without guarantee, liability or any assurance that you will enjoy them. All we can tell you is that we had an excellent time planning them and this motorcycle tour is top of our list to ride in 2021.

Inside information is always an advantage, and if after riding any of the routes, you have something to share, the comments section is open.

If they are useful to you, consider buying us a coffee. There is no requirement to, but if you do, it is appreciated. Otherwise, download, ride and enjoy … What could possibly go wrong?

All the motorcycle touring routes are GPX 1.1 version files.

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Day 1 – 206 Miles Geneva to Perosa Argentina

Total distance: 206.13 mi
Download file: Geneva Day 1 - Perosa Argentina Night Stop.gpx

Day 2 – 270 Miles Perosa Argentina to Cagnano Italy

Total distance: 269.32 mi
Download file: Geneva Day 2 - Cagnano VI, Italy Night Stop.gpx

Day 3 –  208 Miles Cagnona to Rijeka Croatia

Total distance: 207.68 mi
Download file: Geneva Day 3 - Rejika Night Stop.gpx

Day 4 – 250 Miles Rijeka to Omis

Total distance: 249.98 mi
Download file: Geneva Day 4 - Night Stop Omis.gpx

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Day 5 – 218 Miles Omis to Crnomelj Slovenia

Total distance: 255.19 mi
Download file: Geneva Day 5 - Night Stop Crnomelj.gpx

Day 6 –  237 Miles Crnomelj to Untertauern Austria (Grossglockner)