Free Motorcycle Routes – The Midlands

On this page, you will find links to our free motorcycle routes for the Midlands. Perhaps we should redefine them as motorcycles routes starting in the Midlands. After all, the point of riding a motorcycle is to go to other places.

Our motorcycle routes are provided “as is” without guarantee, liability or any assurance that you will enjoy them. All we can tell you is that we had an excellent time planning and then riding them.

Inside information is always an advantage, and if after riding any of the routes, you have something to share, the comments section is open.

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All the motorcycle touring routes are GPX 1.1 version files.

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Peak District Tour – 150 Miles

Normally we ride all of the routes before we publish them. This route, however, comes from an impeccable source, @CharlieDeLaMoto who lives just over the border from us in Lincolnshire.

The route starts at the Alfreton Services, where the A61 and the A38 meet at the Watchorn roundabout, a few miles to the west of Mansfield.

A scant 11 miles after leaving the services you will start a 137 mile loop of the Peak District National Park, circling around Buxton, until you exit on the A619 Chesterfield Road.

The A57 Snake Road alongside Ladybower reservoir – Images courtesy of Google

There are numerous fuel and food stops planned in, as well as Speedwell Cavern (101 miles from the start) and a stop two miles further on at the Mam Tor, although climbing it wearing motorcycle boots might not be the best idea.

The route then continues to loop around the National Park, passing through Bakewell to Rowsley. As planned the route will guide you to the Chatsworth Road heading towards Chesterfield. Alternatively, you can turn south at Rowsley and follow the A6 to the famous tea stop at Matlock Baths.

Total distance: 149.98 mi
Download file: Peak District Ride (1).gpx

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Newark – Sutton-on-Sea 150 Miles

About halfway between Grimsby and The Wash is the Fat Seagull Café in Sutton-on-Sea. There are so many great ways to get there, you are spoilt for choice.

My route starts with making progress along the A17 to the roundabout at Sleaford and then goes cross country to Sutton on Sea and the Fat Seagull. After the compulsory tea and bacon cob, the route heads north-west through the Lincolnshire Wolds towards Louth, before looping back through Market Rasen.

Staying East of Lincoln the route follows several excellent riders roads, eventually arriving back at the A1 a few miles north of Grantham. To finish off the ride, the route takes you south on the A1 to the café at Chris Walker’s Kawasaki dealership in Grantham.

Total distance: 148.63 mi
Download file: Fat Seagull (1).gpx

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Melton – Thetford 182 Mile

On several occasions, this route has been the answer to the question … “Where should I go today?” Starting out between Melton Mowbray and the A1, you head south on B-roads and quiet A-roads, until joining the A11 for a short sprint to Thetford Forest.

After a ride through the forest, it is back to the B-Roads heading north-west, through Wisbech and along the Welland Bank to pick up the magnificent section of the A151 to the Café at Colsterworth very close to the A1.

There’s an abundance of fuel and tea stops along the route, although I prefer a flask and a Snap – Midlands speak for a packed lunch – so I can stop in the Forest.

Total distance: 181.66 mi
Download file: Melton - Thetford (1).gpx

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Super Sausage Café

Motorcycle Routes - The Midlands - Super Sausage Cafe

If you live any near Melton Mowbray and are looking for a café to visit, try this route. It is all back roads with the exception of the last part through Towcester. On any sunny Sunday, the Super Sausage Café will be rammed.

This route also makes a great way to avoid traffic when going to Silverstone.

Total distance: 58.87 mi
Download file: Super Sausage Country Lanes.gpx

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Cromer for Chips

Free Motorcycle Routes - The Midlands - Cromer

For somewhere to be a destination your journey has to start from somewhere, and this route starts just off the A1 in the Midlands, roughly halfway between Leicester and Peterborough. Here you will find the Colsterworth Truckstop (great cafe) or if you prefer there is a McDonalds, very close by.

The route is a real mix of fast-flowing riders roads, sections of “A” road that will test your ability to make progress in traffic, and some tight twisty coast roads that are for those who like to explore the road less travelled.

To get from the Midlands to Norfolk you are going to go through Kings Lynn. There is just no way of avoiding it. After that, you have a choice to make. The A149 coast road isn’t to everyone’s taste and it can be frustrating if you are stuck behind Nervous Nelly in an oversized 4×4.

On the flip side, you will pass through some great villages, pass numerous turns offs to the coast and get the opportunity to stop at a couple of windmills.

On a summer weekend, this road must be awful, so choose when you ride this route carefully. First thing on a week day morning in either spring or autumn, when the schools are open, feels like the best.

I rode it on a weekend in mid-October, while it was raining and spent an hour looking for a way past Nelly and friends.

The A149 coast road is the reason the A148 was built as an alternative. A wide, fast, sweeping “A” road that cuts directly from Kings Lynn to Cromer. If you are not into exploring and will run out of patience bimbling along behind Nelly, the A148 is the road for you.

The route as planned is a 200-mile loop and will take a full day, allowing for chips and ice cream by the sea, as well as tea stops. On the way out you ride the A149 coast road and use the A148 on the way back.

They are not part of the route, but if you try the A149 and want to switch there are four “B” roads you can use to switch to the faster A148.

That that said, it is a great ride and the chips were excellent.

Total distance: 205.39 mi
Download file: Cromer for Chips.gpx

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