Weise Outlast Frontier Review – Real World Test

Weise Outlast Frontier Review – Real World Test

When Weise supplied a set of their Outlast Frontier clothing for review, the deal was that we would put it through a series of real-world tests. Getting hosed down in the garden isn’t the same as spending a day riding in the rain.

Messing about with a trip to the nearest tea stop or only riding on sunny days, wasn’t good enough. Weise wanted rain, low temperatures and generally unpleasant riding conditions. Thankfully, Weise also wanted the ventilation evaluated, so it wasn’t all hard yards.

It has taken a few weeks to encounter all types of weather. After 1,200 miles around northern Scotland and the Pennines, I’ve finally ridden in all the requested weathers – fog & mist, all-day rain, sudden and also prolonged downpours, rain while it was foggy (strange), strong winds and low temperatures.

So, what do I think of the Weise Outlast Frontier?

Spolier Alert

It’s very good. Warm. Waterproof. Good cut. Comfortable even on a 250-300 mile day, riding “A” roads and back roads. And, perhaps the most important bit, both the jacket and trousers have numerous vents.

When the day starts cold the Outlast Frontier keeps you warm. Come lunchtime, when the temperature has risen, you open some of the numerous vents and the whole feel of the Outlast Frontier jacket and trousers changes.

If it starts to rain, zip up the vents and the laminate jacket and trousers keep you dry. Simples.

In short, simple terms my Weise Outlast Frontier Review reads …

  • Good kit.
  • Worth the money.
  • Solid investment.
  • The laminate finish keeps you dry in the rain.
  • Removable thermal lining keeps you warm.
  • Niggles – just two.

Zip Niggle

The zips on the cuffs of the jacket and the bottom of the trouser legs have a tendency to catch on the material. I think it is because the material is still stiff and doesn’t fold as easily as it will given time.

When pulling the zip closed on three or four occasions the zip has snagged on the fold of the material. It isn’t a problem, just annoying as it takes me five minutes to work it loose.

The material has never ripped or torn, The zip has always worked perfectly afterwards. The Weise Outlast Frontier is quality clothing, but the jamming is frustrating.

Pocket Niggle

On the 250 mile ride in the rain from Fort William to Carlisle, the inside of the front pockets on the jacket became damp.

The pockets are the fold-over type, where the top of the pocket folds over on itself and is sealed with velcro and a pop stud. No way was any water getting in the top.

My theory is that the rain, on long wet days, seeps in through the side hand pocket (see photo) as the inside of the side pocket is made of a soft material.

The side pockets for your hands are a nice touch, but I’d prefer them sealed up and waterproof. There is an easy answer; use the laminated map pocket on the rear of the jacket.


Both the Weise Outlast Frontier jacket and trousers have a tailored fit, so size up one level to get the space for a heated jacket or a thick fleece, when you have the removable thermal liner installed. There are also male and female versions of both the jacket and trousers.

The jacket comes with a thick back protector already installed. If you are swapping this for a ForceField alternative, the Weise back protector is easily removed giving the additional space required.

Overall though the sizing and the cut of the Weise Outlast Frontier clothing are just about perfect. Enough space to move easily without excess material flapping the breeze.

My own money

Road testing for me boils down to two questions. Does what I’m testing do what is it designed to do and, would I spend my own money on it?

The answer to both of these questions is yes.

Weise set out to create a single jacket and trouser combination that would meet the majority of an all year motorcyclists needs. This they have done.

There will always be those situations where it doesn’t work, -10c before you start moving or +35c in the shade for example, but these are the extremes. For everyday use, the Weise Outlast Frontier kit is excellent.

So, the big question, would I spend my own money on it? The price is about right, and it has stood up well in all the real real-world conditions I could find to ride in.

So the answer has to be Yes … I’d spend my own money on the Weise Outlast Frontier range.

Where to buy? There are several stockists, but my favourite would be SportsBikeShop

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  1. ronecc at 2:12 pm

    Anything is worth the money if I do not have to sit in a pool of water every time it rains.

  2. Billy Spencer-kidd at 6:55 pm

    Nice read that. Good for thought and Christmas

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