Sena 50S Mesh Motorcycle Communications Initial Review

Sena 50S Mesh Motorcycle Communications Initial Review

About a week ago I called Sena to talk to them about the Sena 50S and the new Mesh Intercom technology they have developed.

The charming lady from Sena’s Marketing department was extremely patient as I ploughed through my long list of questions covering all the features and configuration options.

More information on the Sena 50S can be found here.

While I wanted to know the answers for an upcoming article, I was also checking if the Sena 50S would meet the requirements of a long motorcycle tour that is planned for later this year.

Planning for this trip isn’t proving easy. The list of phones, GPS units and different helmet styles we have could not be any more diverse. It feels like we have one of everything and finding one Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom unit that meets everyone’s requirements is going to be a tall order.

But I digress …

Arriving home after a damp Sunday morning ride, I was delighted to find that those wonderful people at Sena had sent me a pair of Sena 50S units along with a note that essentially says “Try and find something the 50S won’t do and if you can, let us know“.

I can’t fault Sena for having total confidence in their lastest Bluetooth communication unit and our Sena 50S review is going to explore all of the different combinations of equipment we can come up with.

It is going to take us a week or two to put it all together into an easy to read format, so as they on TV … Stay tuned.

But of course, I wasn’t just going to just look at the box. Like a kid at Christmas, the Sena 50S has been unwrapped and installed in my Shoei NeoTec, replacing the Sena 10U that I’ve had for the last few years.

Installation took less than 30 minutes, of which I think 10 minutes was taken up deciding which of the three different microphone options was the best one to use.

And now, as the Sena 50S is fully charged and the “Sena 50 Utility” app is installed on my phone, please excuse me … Playtime has arrived.

Full disclosure, Sena has provided these units for review. For more information please see our Product Testing Philosophy which you can read here.

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