Free Motorcycle Touring Routes – Germany the B500

Some roads have a legendary status, and at just 40 miles long the B500 – or Schwarzwaldhochstrasse which translates to the Black Forest Highway – is one of them.

Running from Baden-Baden at its northern end to Freudenstadt in the south, it may seem strange to suggest that you ride a 975-mile loop from the Hook of Holland, just to ride the 40 miles of the B500, but that is what being a legend is all about.

Such a long trip can’t be all about the B500, so to get there we picked some excellent roads to enjoy. Sadly there is a little more motorway-mile-munching that we would have liked, but sometimes it is the only efficient way to navigate the major towns and cities in this part of Europe.

Our motorcycle touring routes are provided “as is” without guarantee, liability or any assurance that you will enjoy them. All we can tell you is that we had an excellent time planning this route. Riding this route is something we have planned for 2021.

Inside information is always an advantage, and if after riding any of the routes, you have something to share, the comments section is open.

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All the motorcycle touring routes are GPX 1.1 version files.

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Total distance: 966.54 mi
Download file: Hook of Holland - Black Forest B500.gpx

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