Delkevic Aftermarket Exhaust Silencer Kits

Delkevic Aftermarket Exhaust Silencer Kits

I ordered a Delkevic aftermarket exhaust silencer – “End Can” – for my V-Strom.

Now, before we go any further, I should point out that other aftermarket exhausts are available. Not owning one I can’t tell you anything about them. Secondly, I paid the normal price with my own cash money, for my Delkevic End Can. No freebies, bungs, backhanders or advertising revenues were received.

All of that said … onwards … The reason for fitting an aftermarket exhaust on your motorcycle can vary but broadly the need falls into one of three categories.

Loud Pipes Save Lives

A solid argument. Other road users might not see you when they look. This assumes they do actually look before pulling out of a junction or when sat in traffic. However, they don’t need to look to hear you.

If they can hear you, then there is an increased chance they might actually look to find the source of the exhaust note. Not a bad thing.

Next question then, has to be “How loud is loud enough?” Considering the cocoon that car manufacturers put so much effort into building around drivers, gentle isn’t what you need. Add in the phone call they are on or the music that is playing, and loud enough can be edging towards offensive before it is effective.

Plain Ugly

Your race replica motorcycle is going to come with a bulbous exhaust end can, which just doesn’t look right. If you want the same look as the race bike, then all of that Euro Three, Four or Five, regulation baffling is going to have to go.

The same is true for most modern motorcycles. The designers painstakingly craft sweeping lines to stir your soul and regulations then shove a suitcase-sized metal box on the end of the exhaust pipe.

Some aftermarket exhaust systems remove catalytic converter (CAT); others just change the silencer or “end can”. Or you can go the whole nine yards and change everything from the header pipes backwards. It is just a matter of what is needed to restore the beautiful lines the designer originally envisioned.

Weight & Torque

And lastly, there is the argument (excuse?) that I’m using, weight and torque.

The original end can on my V-Strom weighs about the same as a baby elephant. In comparison, the Delkevic replacement end can, weighs in at under two kilos.

I don’t know what they filled the original silencer with, but it is a lot more than just “silence”. The sound from the Delkevic exhaust is different but in terms of noise levels, it is fully road legal.

The one thing the Euro exhaust regulations did do with my original exhaust, was to create a highly annoying “backpressure bung”.

I’m sure there is a technical term for it, but “bung” is the best description I can come up with. Imagine residual exhaust gases, stuck in the original silencer, that need to be pushed out before the engine will accelerate smoothly. That is what it feels like.

Same as most riders, I open the throttle to exit a bend, and this is when I notice the “bung” the most. The engine has to overcome the “bung” caused by the original silencer before the new exhaust gasses can flow. While this fight is going on, the engine isn’t accelerating smoothly. The higher the revs when I rolled off the throttle, the greater the “back pressure bung” to be overcome when I open the throttle.

Eventually, the fight is won and the bike accelerates. The fight only takes a second, but the result is a lumpy, hesitant throttle that in the dry can be irritating. In the wet, it is feckin’ annoying. While I’m trying to be as smooth as possible in the rain, the original exhaust has other ideas.

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Having fitted the Delkevic silencer, the “back pressure bung” in the exhaust has gone completely. The throttle response is now smooth from 2,000 rpm to the red line. I can roll-off the throttle on the entry to a bend, and when I open the throttle, the result is just smooth and immediate acceleration.

Delkevic’s rolling road tests, shows an increase in power, albeit marginal, across most of the rev range for my V-Strom. For me, though the power increase is the smaller part of the benefit gained from fitting the Delkevic exhaust.

The ability to smoothly apply all of the power the V-Strom makes improves the whole riding experience. Considering the price of an aftermarket end can, that is a big improvement, in exchange for the money.

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