Why You Need A DCT Africa Twin

Why You Need A DCT Africa Twin

“No, I can’t serve you”.

I was stood in the drive-through lane of a Costa Coffee last weekend, dressed in all my motorcycle gear. I even had my helmet on, albeit with the front flipped up.

The lady at the window insisted … “No, I can’t. It is drive-thru only”

I objected, debated and negotiated. I explained that I use my hands to control a motorcycle, all to no avail.

It seems, drive-thru really does mean “only if you are using a motor vehicle while collecting your coffee” at Costa. No mechanised means of transportation equals no coffee.

Arriving back at the parked motorcycles I passed on the bad news to my Africa Twin riding colleague.

“So, they will only serve you if you drive through … Right??” he inquired.

I confirmed this was the case, fully expecting him to suggest I climb in the back, but he put the DCT in gear and rode around to the takeaway window on the other side of the building.

A few minutes pass and my DCT Africa Twin riding colleague reappears. He weaves his way through the cones in the car park, right hand on the throttle, left hand carrying a cardboard tray into which two large cups of coffee have been secured.

“See told you the DCT version of the Africa Twin was the bike to go for”, was his comment.

I drank my coffee in slience.

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