The Best Bargain Motorcycle Gear

The Best Bargain Motorcycle Gear

Scrolling through Twitter this morning, I read a post from Matt (@matchroomboxin) who came up with the idea  of a simple game – “What is the best motorcycle-related gear you’ve bought?” Something that was an absolute bargain.

There are only two guidelines to the game:

  1. Gear & Accessories only not, bikes are excluded
  2. Avoid this game if you are still trying to convince your nearest and dearest that you only paid half what it really cost you

My entry would be my much used, abused, still going strong, totally waterproof, 60-litre QBAG I purchased from SportsBikeShop for a crisp ten-pound note. Yes, £10 of my own money!

I bought the QBAG to replace the aesthetically pleasing but not exactly functional panniers that came fitted to my 1050 Tiger. The Tiger panniers also weighed the same as a small shipping container, and the seat height exhaust meant that the back pocket of my jeans had more usable space than the right-hand box.  

Three years later SportsBikeShop are still stocking the QBAG. Even better, and despite being worth so much more, it is still only a single crisp tenner.

Best Bargin Motorcycle Accessory Game

Two occasions stick in my mind that justifies the waterproof claim. The first is last years ride to the Portsmouth ferry, which from where I live is about four hours. The rain was biblical that day. Noah and the animals passed us on the A34, level of rain.

The second time was a year earlier when riding magnificent N-260 across northern Spain and the rain was a constant irritation, all day long. It would throw it down. Stop. Drizzle. Sunshine and then throw it down again.

Both times, not a drop of H2O made it into my QBAG and I revelled in the delight of dry socks when reaching that day’s destination.

The keen observers will have noticed the upgraded straps in the main photo. These were £3 from a motor accessory shop. The ones that came with the QBAG, I decided not to trust at motorway speeds.

So in fairness – my nomination for Best Bargain Motorcycle Gear is a 60-Litre QBAG and extra straps for a total of £13.

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