Motorcycle Tyres – I’m Confused

Motorcycle Tyres – I’m Confused

Choosing the right motorcycle tyre for your riding style, the tyre that gives you the feedback you want is a complicated task. We are, after all, all different not to mention that we don’t all ride the same motorcycles, on the same roads.

Popular wisdom between motorcyclists, however, suggests that Pirelli Road Pilots have a good reputation in the wet, yet similar to their Metzeler cousins, they tend to “square-off” before from about half-life.

The Bridgestone S22 is known for its sports bike levels of grip, and if you want the ultimate dry weather street legal “slick”, then Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa is typically the tyre of choice.


So why is it then, that the Bridgestone Battlax A41 Adventure tyre is giving me such a noticeable increase in grip levels when riding in the rain and cold? And the level of wet grip hasn’t impacted the dry road performance either. Both the front and the rear have remained planted no matter how much I push on.

Bridgestone Battlax A41 Adventure Tyres


Compared to the complex tread patterns found on other tyres, the tread pattern on the Bridgestone A41 looks positively industrial. Gone are the pools and snipes that channel water away from the contact patch and in their place is a wide tread pattern designed to support light off-road use without clogging.

No tyre is perfect and if the A41 has a small foible, for me, of stepping slightly when crossing white lines in the rain. It is a small thing and not uncommon regardless of the tyre you are on. The white lines in the UK, I’m told, are made of ground glass, which goes a long way to explain the twitch.

Yet despite its lack of a complicated tread pattern, the Bridgestone A41 tyres stick like glue in the wet and provide copious amounts of feedback in the dry. It is confusing when innovation challenges our normal thinking, but when I’m riding in the inclement British weather, I’ll take all the confidence-inspiring feedback my tyres will give me.


In a few week’s I’m riding to Scotland on the first of this year’s road trips. (sadly “lockdown” got in the way – Ed.) A thousand miles in late March to most northerly part of the Scottish mainland. The route I’m taking has a wide selection of roads and the Scottish weather has a reputation for being, at best, variable at that time of year. If the Bridgestone A41 has any weaknesses – and personally I’m not expecting any – this will be the trip to uncover them.

Bridgestone Battlax A41 Adventure Tyres Technical specification

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