Motorcycle Training

Motorcycle Training

I was reading a few days ago about a Bends Training Day for motorcyclists. The content of the motorcycle training and the quality of the instructors looked to be excellent, and then I got to the price – £199 for the day.

I don’t object to paying someone for their time and skills, and £199 is a fair price for a days work, especially when you consider the costs of running a training business. Just a few months back, I paid to go on the Knee Down course, an excellent course that gave me the chance to work on improving my riding, by doing things I could not try on the public roads. So I get that paying for a one day course can be the right answer.

However, what I can’t get my head around is why pay for a single day of road riding training on a single subject, when you could enjoy the Institute of Advanced Motorists Roadsmart or RoSPA’s, Advanced Rider courses for less money.

Both of these motorcycle skills courses run to a similar format and – as I type this – cost between £100 and £140 for the whole course. How IAM Roadsmart and RoSPA make up their costs differ, but both come out at roughly the same price.

And for your cold hard cash, you receive, not only training on riding bends but also training covering roundabouts; filtering; making progress; road positioning; overtaking and a whole lot more.

As the IAM/RoSPA training covers such much – some would say most – of modern motorcycling, it isn’t going to happen in a single day. For your £100-£140 you can expect between 5 and 10 sessions with an Observer/Instructor spread over several weeks. Both courses work on the principle of introducing new concepts and helping to improve your existing skills. You then bake the new skills into your riding style, building towards becoming an adaptable advanced motorcyclist.

For those of you thinking that the IAM/RoSPA are all “flat caps, cast-iron rules and a dogmatic approach to absolutes” please do think again. Advanced and adaptable, thinking riders is the outcome both Roadsmart and RoSPA are after. Riders who have advanced roadcraft skills and can make safe and appropriate progress on today’s roads. (Progress, by the way, is Roadsmart/RoSPA speak for getting on with it 😊)

If you are about to part with your hard-earned money on developing your road riding skills, consider the IAM or RoSPA before opening your wallet.

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