All Year Biker Vs Dr Wack SDoc100

All Year Biker Vs Dr Wack SDoc100

Never ride a gravel road in the rain unless you need a reason to spend three hours cleaning your bike. I learnt that lesson the hard way. There was a baked on crust all over the bike and in every hard to reach nook and cranny.

For most of us, cleaning the bike is a joy – me included. We may act as if it is a chore – like washing the car – but secretly, it is another way to spend a few hours bonding with our motorcycle.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who enjoys it, just look at the number of products there are for cleaning, polishing and protecting bikes. There are even Youtube videos showing you how to clean a motorcycle. Worth a watch if you want to check that you are extracting the maximum joy from cleaning your bike.

Dr Wack SDoc100 Total Cleaner

Sdoc100 Total CleanerDr. O.K. Wack was a chemist, and his sons were motocross riders. When the motorcycle cleaners that were available in the 1970s were designed to remove oil-based contaminations and not the mud, yuk and insects that adorn a motocross bike after a day riding, you can guess what happened next.

All Year Biker

All Year BikerMeanwhile, a Chemical Engineer called Roy Cross was developing cleaning products for bikes that were not solvent-based, but would still get the job done. Roy Cross is perhaps better known as the man behind All Year Biker, and as one of his customers, I’ve been using the All Year Biker bike wash for a couple of years.

Both products have been extensively tested and claim they are safe to use all over your bike. S100 Total Cleaner does advise you not to use SDoc100 on unlacquered aluminium or black “chromated” components.

So that is the match-up. Can Dr Wack SDoc100 convert me from All Year Biker bike wash?

Dirty Motorcycle in need of cleaning

Spoiler Alert: No

SDoc100 Total Cleaner is an excellent product, and it does what it says on the bottle. Spray on your bike and work into heavily soiled areas. Wait between 10 and 20 minutes for the cleaner to penetrate the dirt and then wash off.

That is almost the same routine I follow with All Year Biker bike wash, with the exception of spraying the bike with water first.

The main difference is that All Year Biker bike wash I’m told to dilute 50/50 with water, before spraying it on the bike. For every litre of concentrated bike wash I use, I get two litres to spray on the bike.

It takes about half a litre of either product to cover the bike ready for snow foaming. Well, half a litre of spray and a lot of fettling with a painter’s, angle head nook brush.

For me, All Year Biker bike wash wins on cost-effectiveness and the fact that I have an aluminium bash plate on my V-Strom. I could lower the price of SDoc100 Total Cleaner by buying a 5-litre container, but All Year Biker still wins on the 50/50 dilution with water.

All of that said, the one area Dr Wack SDoc100 is clearly out in front is distribution.

Fortunately, I live close to my All Year Biker representative, so getting refills is but a short ride away and I pay him a visit at the start of each winter to get my bike coated in ACF-50 or XCP.

For Dr Wack, I bought mine from Amazon who typically delivers the next working day.

And now, as I have an extra clean motorcycle, I best go and get it dirty again.

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